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Corin C

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    I’m driven and hardworking, and in the past six years, I have set up my own online business and self-published two novels (under the pen name Roxanna C Revell). These ventures pushed me out of my comfort zone but have been an incredible journey. In both cases, you are the CEO, finance manager and marketing manager – along with every other hat that you have to wear. My previous roles have always been office-based and most recently in London; from the corporate world of Serco and Westminster City Council, to the family run meetings and events venue - Wallacespace. Working in such vastly different worlds has given me the skills to adapt to different environments, learning new systems, processes and unique ways of working. As well as writing, I have a strong background in business administration, both in terms of my previous employed roles and my current self-employed projects. My software knowledge includes the Microsoft Office and Google suites as well as Shopify, Xero and Squarespace. I'm technically savvy and can pick up new software systems quickly.

    I've worked in a wide variety of areas but I have particular experience in the Business Services sector.

    If I had to pick one main attribute, it would be my friendly | professional | creative.

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    Marta Welander
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    Terra Bohlmann
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    Kevin Massengill
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